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Earning enough gold in WoW can be a tough goal to accomplish. You might find that you do not have enough gold to make needed purchases when the time comes. You will need to be able to afford armor, weapons, enchantments, materials to level up your secondary professions quickly, and also your abilities as your character levels up. Fortunately you can choose a certain set of professions that will help you earn old quickly. This WoW Gold Making Professions Guide will show you an effective way to earn gold.

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Most players choose a gathering profession, such as herbalism, skinning, or mining, and match it with one of the primary crafting professions, such as alchemy, blacksmithing, inscripting, enchanting, tailoring, leatherworking, or Jewel crafting. Many players want to improve their primary professions by purchasing the needed materials from the auction house. This creates an opportunity for someone with two gathering professions to sell their materials at a good price and make some money. Two good gathering professions to take on are mining and skinning.

You can take some time out to improve your mining and skinning abilities while you're questing. As your abilities improve you will get stacks of leather and ore. You can sell the leather right away, but you will need to smelt the ore at a forge. When you have a stack of 20 you can take it to the auction house and sell it to other players that wish to use the materials for leveling up there primary professions. Using a plug-in such as auctioneer will give you a good idea of the selling price, making things easier.

Below is a combination of the zones where you can mine and skin at the same time. Make sure your skill is good enough for each profession, so that you can take the opportunity to farm both areas.

This WoW Gold Making Professions Farming Areas.

Area Mining Level Skinning Level
Tirisfal Glades 1-65 Copper 1-75
Mulgore 1-65 Copper 1-75
Durotar 1-65 Copper 1-75
Eversong Woods 1-65 Copper 1-75
Azshara 1-65 Copper 75-130
Elwynn Forest 1-65 Copper 1-75
Darkshore 1-65 Copper 75-130
Dun Morogh 1-65 Copper 1-75
Azuremyst Isle 1-65 Copper 1-75
Hillsbrad Foothills 66-125 Tin and Silver 130-180
Northern Stranglethorn 66-125 Tin and Silver 130-180
Duskwood 66-125 Tin and Silver 130 - 150
Ashenvale 66-125 Tin and Silver 130 - 150
Feralas 126-175 Iron and Gold 220-250
Western Plaguelands 126-175 Iron and Gold 275-300
The Cape of Stranglethorn 126-175 Iron and Gold TBD
Felwood 176-230 Mithril and Truesilver TBD
Badlands 176-230 Mithril and Truesilver 220-250
Burning Steppes 176-230 Mithril and Truesilver 275-300
Winterspring 231-300 Thorium 275-300
Silithus 231-300 Thorium 400-325
Blasted Lands 231-300 Thorium 250-275
Un'Goro Crater 231-300 Thorium 250-300
Swamp of Sorrow 231-300 Thorium 180-220
Hellfire Peninsula 276-325 Fel Iron 300-310 East / 310-330 West
Nagrand 326-350 - Adamantite 330-350
Borean Tundra 350-400 Cobalt Ore 375-405
Howling Fjord 351-400 Cobalt / Rich Cobalt 350-405
Zul'Drak 376-400 Rich Cobalt TBD
Sholazar Basin 401-450 Saronite/Rich Saronite 430-450
Mount Hyjal 450-475 Obsidium 450-470
Deepholm Mining 475-525 Elementium TBD
Twilight Highlands 475-525 Elementium 485-525

It is also a popular practice to create a level 1 character and send it to the city. You can send your stacks to it in the mail and have it post them in the auction house. This eliminates the need to travel back to the city, which is a major time killer. I hope you found this This WoW Gold Making Professions Guide to be a helpful resource.

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